Once upon a Time….

- We are back online~ (yay) I’m really sorry about the hiatus and shizzle, but you know…school >_> ANYWAYS, l have some funny stuff for you o3o



and the final scores are….

  1.  Clover 13
  2. Shutter 12.5
  3. Rose 10
  4. Friday 7
  5. Phidee 4
  6. Blaze 3
  7. Dern 2
  8. Entei 2








So Clover and I were talking about how ghetto Disney princesses are. So I decided to give some of them a make over~

First one….

yes yes yes, I can see her, Pocahontas~ Beautiful with that face that says “IM A MAN, SAY SUM’THIN D<”

Next one is what I call a Clown Fish o3o (dohohoh, yes yes, bad pun V-V)

And lastly, Cinderella and Aurora had a fight cuz they wanted to go to prom with Prince Charming, so they got into a fight o3o

Can you tell who won? I think it is very noticeable



oh yeah, Prince Charming ended up with this girl…


and lastly, the funny memes~

PS- about the earthquake in japan, i ask you to keep the people from Japan in your prayers

Do it for the Pokemon World ;~;

Thanks for Reading guys~

Valentine’s Day~

 - People, people, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, have you asked that special someone if they want to be your Valentine’s? Or are you just gonna sit on a chair, staring at a computer screen, talking to stranger on the interwebz?!? yeah,I choose numbah 2, too! xD nah, just kidding, good luck if you’re asking somebody/looking for somebody ;P


Let’s Start with the NEWS SECTION

Yes Yes, Kommeo is in the spotlight this week =w=”

Look out for the rare pokemon he stole raised in his lab!

Pokemon who have already been released to the public-

  • Shiny Entei
  • Shiny Suicune
  • Shiny Raikou
  • ???????????? (coming soon~!)

So, look out people, more rare pokemon will be added, make sure you save up some forum points to buy them~ ;D


Gossip  and ShippingPairs and stuff..

Let’s start with the recently added Shipping Pairs~!

Pokefreak x Miku

Meekoo(Miku) x Reekoo(Shadow)


Kommeo x Showers

Blaze x Miku - TaeyangShipping

Blaze x Showers -PedoShipping

Shutter x Fuzia - MommyShipping

Krow x Fuzia

Blaze x Silver

Clover x Hall of Famer - AffyShipping =D

Alice x Guy


Picture of the Week~

Wish I could do that ;^; looks fun…


Pics Sent By Our Members-

Sent by Showers; Artists: ThisGuy, Showers

sent by Showers, created by ThisGuy & Showers

—————— ~~~~~ —————————~~~~~~~ —————-~~~~~~~~~~

Sent by Miku

Sent by Miku


Featured Member of the Month~

SFKROW! He joined 2/9/11 and he has already made a name for himself, he has already made a name for himself around the forum. He has already befriended some of the vets.

Here is his first Quote in DL ;~;

Dont you think that he is DL material? xD I think he is.

So Congratz Krow, and keep up the good work ^^


Well, that’s it for now people, See you next week~

So long, I apologize~ but we’re back on business…and stuff

  -Ok People, first off, I want to apologize for the lack of updates, and so I felt the need to update. I swear it was my decision! Miku didn’t point a knife at me or something like that. hehehehe.. *dodges Knife* Well, let’s start with..~


The News Section =D

Ok, Let’s start with the most important thing ever. Me. lol nah, DL~!

Did you guys know that we moved?  ya, just like you heard from mamoswine~

yep~ that’s right my mammoth friend~ DL moved to a better place, sorry Forumotion, but MyBB brings all the boys to the yard.

MyBB: cuz my server, is bettar than yours~ Damn right! It’s better than yours~

Forumotion: Dang it! TT^TT



Ok guys/gals/its, It’s time for srsness. *gets into srsness mode*

Remember Battlers! the Tournament of the Elements has begun! Better find your Opponent and get battling ;P


Gossip and Stuff…and stuff…

Ok, hmm…. People give me something to work with!

ugh, let’s start with the basics~


Here are our newest shipping pairs~

Loco X Alice

Blaze X Nick

Bluey X Meap

Miku X Bluey

PokeFreak X Showers

Esp X Nick

Kommeo X Alice

Shutter X Rezna



Picture(s) of the Week~

Since I forgot to update like for months, I decided to add two wtf pics~

First one is…..

yes Patrick~ We all love you and we know u needz money, but prostitution is a no-no ;~; We all know you were just trying to get sexy for …idk..Squidward? Spongebob? Mr. Krabs? The world may never know ._.

Well, that is all for now~ Thanks for reading guys~ Thank you for coming here for the lulz ;^; means a lot~<3


PS- yeah, I didn’t forget here is the second  picture I promised, it  expresses my feelings right now~

Fight! Fight! Fight!

 - Heeeeeelllo People! Today we have a very special post! (or not)

It’s almost Halloween, Folks! The time of making little Children cry, getting free candy, and the best of all, enjoying Scary Movie~ 


This after noon, October the 29th, we experience a “Mod Fight” on the Xat Chat. The Fight was between Showers and Blaze (who is that? I’ve never heard of him before) The fight was about who didnt deserved to be a chat mod. so yeah…. O3O

Showers got Girls to back her up (excluding Miku) and Blaze got some of the Guys to back him up.


Showers~                                                          Blaze~

-Chen back her up                                         -Nick, Barry and Meap backed                                                                         him up

-Is almost always AFK,                                   -Gets on Arguments, Posts PG-13  Uses Caps, Sometimes gets                             pictures (with warning)                on arguments

-Veteran/Mod                                               -Veteran/Mod/Gym Leader


Fail ;^;

- Ok, so I failed to pick up any good, not-harmful , gossip, so I’ll just post something … I don’t know, interesting~

SO! I decided to post ze Dream League’s hottest shipping pairs~

1.)Clover x DXRenagade (My opinion: Nice couple ;D)

2.)Katya x Kommeo (My opinion: the age gap is disturbing .-.)

3.)Fuzia x DLBlaze (My opinion:FULL SUPPORT…err, I mean no comment ><;;;)

4.)Showers x PokeFreak (My Opinion: What are u thinking Showers? er….ze perfect couple)

5.)GoldenRod x Esp (My opinion: What is this I don’t even ._.)

6.)Miku x Meap (My opinion: Natural couple, did u know that they actually went out? ya, meap asked her out xD, Go Meap xD)

7.)JoJo x Meap (My opinion: yeah……)

8.)JoJo x Esp (My opinion: what is this >_>)

9.)Nellie X Cindy (My opinion: what has the world come too T^T)

10.) Miku x Bluey (Miku: Loser Shipping :3/My Opinion: MIKU GO BACK TO MEAP NAO) 

So that’s that… If you agree or not, post your opinions on ze “The DL Times” thread~ I want some feedback k thankx

moving on to serious business. PIE. ya, Cake is a lie beach >_>

Dont forget to battle for the Legends Tourney and the Halloween Tourney!

oh, yeah, and dont forget to visit our server on Pokemon Online! beating other people, and making them feel bad, fun fun!

and remember kidz~ Making other people feel bad is Fu…. bad O3O!

Gliscor: The New PedoPhile

You heard right people. Gliscor is the new Pedo Pokemon in the Pokemon World.

 Gliscor’s 5th Gen Sprite looks like if he wanted to F*** the rival’s Pokemon, Specialists predict that Gliscor will become an internet meme and one of the most corrupted sprites ever. 


Ok, It’s time for….”THE DL TIMES GAME OF ZE WEEK!”

ok~ its really easy! you just have to guess where the picture below is from~ 

-First 3 people to get it right will get 20 forum points.

-PM me (Blaze) your answer

Here’s the pic~


-Its from a DS game

-This game is based on a popular anime in Japan and some other countries~

More hints will be unlocked later~


That iz so ghetto D:

 - hey guys! Its time for more updates~ 

So we have the Halloween tourney around the corner! and Dont forget to contact DXRenagade if you’re in the “Legends Tourney!”

Moving on~

Ze winner of the DL’s Shop Raffle is…….BLAZE! OMG he must be sooooooooo lucky ^^ I dont like the guy tho, too much awesomeness for me (jk ^^;;) 

ANYWAYS, we also have the Art contests AND Barry’s musical so check them out!

and lastly, the Picture of the week, I found this on the interwebz.



Ze First Post (our story begins~) [oh boy, are we in trouble]

The Dream League -Wooo! Welcome to Dream League’s Time! Where you can find DL’s latest updates, News, and gossip! O3O Today’s top story…JOJO is a boy! yup, Jojo confirmed it today on the Chat.

“JoJo: I am a boy, Pokefreak”

I already knew that *feels special* but to all of you people who didnt know that, BELIEVE IT O3O!